About Us

As one of New Zealand's leading construction technology companies, Door and Window Systems (DWS) is dedicated to providing and installing state-of-the-art systems for today's environment.

Director, Denis Diedrichs, is the driving force behind DWS. In combining his wide-ranging skills and extensive knowledge, he has set the benchmark for delivering performance and innovation in window systems designed for the modern world.

An ongoing commitment to introducing cutting-edge technology and premier products to the construction environment puts DWS at the forefront of industry. Its expertise and service delivery ensures the provision of advanced solutions, backed by full support and technology specialists.

  • A window to the world
    From manual to electronic integrated window-opening systems, DWS delivers.
  • A portal to innovation
    From superior service to total concepts, DWS delivers.
  • A product for the future
    From ground-breaking designs for new buildings to smart solutions for site renovations, DWS delivers.

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