Shaft & Lever Manual Window Systems

Shaft & Lever Manual Window SystemsHenderson, Nutall & Interlock

Shaft and lever opening systems are a tried and tested window system, renowned for being sturdy and economical. This system is popular for schools and industrial buildings.

Shaft and lever systems are ideal manual opening system for high level windows. A gearbox, located at a convenient height, is used to operate the window system.

Benefits of shaft and lever systems are:

  • Less resistance than flexible cable gear
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Suitable for large windows
  • Ideal for driving banks of high level louvres
  • Resistant to strong winds
  • Arms and shaft are powder coated to match colour required

Electric Drive

Electric drive operation is a common option, using liner actuators. Electric drives can also be controlled by weather stations and temperature controls. 

If you think shaft and lever technology might the best window opening option for you, contact Door and Window Systems to make an appointment.

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